Great Gifts for Poker Lovers

If your gift-giving list includes poker players, you might have a tough time picking the perfect presents. There is a massive selection of these types of items on the market, which can be confusing. Your favorite poker players are sure to love some, if not all, of the gifts on this list.

• Online players love to build their bankrolls. You can give your players just about any amount of money for their online accounts. Some sites let you buy gift certificates; others let you make deposits with credit cards or money orders. If those options fail, you always have cash.

• Padding the bankrolls for live games or tournaments is also a great gift. Even if players are doing very well – and, therefore, have plenty of money to continue playing – they appreciate bankroll contributions.

poker gifts

• Players who take their games seriously are studying and learning as much as they can – often from the pros. A gift card to an online bookstore like Amazon will let your players pick out poker-related books or DVDs. Better yet: see if your recipients have wish lists at this, or similar, sites. That way, you can give them exactly what they want – instead of inadvertently giving them duplicates.

• You really can’t have too many good decks of playing cards. Find out which brands and types the players prefer and add to their collections. You can find all sorts of playing cards online or at game shops.

• Similarly: A good set of chips is always appreciated. There are a few different types of chips on the market, and many designs. For a more personal gift, consider giving them custom poker chips. Talk to the players to see what sets are on their lists and buy accordingly.

• Some players like poker-related clothing; others don’t. Many Web sites and retail stores sell everything from caps to shirts. You’re sure to find clothing that fits the players’ personalities if you spend some time browsing.

• If you’re looking to spend big money on your favorite players, consider sending them to the World Series of Poker. This is the biggest event in all of poker: just about every player on the planet dreams of coming home with one of the bracelets that first-place finishers earn. Sending poker lovers to Las Vegas for the Series is one of the biggest, best gifts imaginable.

• Sending players to other poker events is also a nice idea. The World Series of Poker has circuit events in various places. The same is true of the World Poker Tour. And if you can’t afford those types of trips, you can fund trips to smaller events. Depending on where you live, there might even be a decent poker tourney right in your own city or town.

Ultimately, the best way to discover the perfect poker-related gift is to know the people on your gift list. Being familiar with their “poker personalities” will help you figure out exactly what they’ll love the most. Listening to them talk, checking out their wish lists, and starting casual conversations about poker will all help you narrow down the choices and find out exactly what they want.