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Drinking and Gambling – Is it Wise?

It can be more fun when you are playing a game to have a drink. It can help you to relax and enjoy yourself more. However, it can impair your thinking, if you have too much. This may not matter but it depends on what game you are playing and what is at stake.

If you are playing for fun, then it probably will not hurt. There are many games where you gamble very small amounts of money or nothing at all and these would be okay. However, if you are gambling large amounts of money then you want to stay in control. You do not want to risk losing a lot because you were not concentrating or perhaps even not aware of what you were doing. This could be a disaster.

Most people know how much they can drink before their judgement becomes impaired. This is a good guide to use when you are gambling. However, if you think there is a chance, that once you get involved, you may continue to drink, then it might be better not to drink at all or not to gamble at all.

It can be fun to loosen up with a drink, but gambling is a serious business and a lot of money could be at stake. It is important to stay in control so that you do not gamble with more money than you can afford or take silly risks that you would not do if you were sober. Alcohol does make us more likely to take a risk and there would nothing worse than realising that you made a silly decision and wasted a lot of money just because you had too much to drink. So you need to be sensible and think carefully before you have a drink and gamble at the same time.