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Poker Equipment: What you Need and Where you can Get It

This guide is for complete beginners to the game of poker. It will outline what poker equipment you need to play the game and explains how it’s used in poker and what it does.

The first thing you need to play poker is a deck of cards. Make sure you have a full deck with all 52 cards. There are dozens of variations of poker, but for the vast majority of poker variations, jokers are not needed. Still, it is better to just have them in case you may need them for something.

After you make sure you have a full deck of cards, you need chips. Chips are small circular objects made of plastic or other materials. Usually, each poker set comes with chips of three or four different colors and you can assign monetary values to the chips for betting purposes. These chips will be used to bet, and each player usually starts off with the same number of chips, and the winner is the player with the most chips. Some games award the winner all of the money, while in other games, each player is awarded the amount of his or her chip’s monetary value.

You will also have a dealer button that will rotate around the table so that every player will get a chance to be dealer. In professional matches, there is only one dealer and the dealer does not participate in the game.

This is basically all of the equipment you will need to play the game of poker, a deck of cards, chips and a dealer button. You may also want to purchase a poker table, but this is not needed as poker can be played on virtually any surface. The cost of this equipment will vary, but usually, you can get a complete set that will have all of the materials you need to play poker from anywhere between $20 and $500+. The vast range in price is due to the fact that some poker sets are made using more expensive materials (such as gold or silver chips), while others are mass produced using plastic chips or of other inexpensive materials. You can find a poker set at most retailers, both online and offline, and find the more expensive and rare sets at hobby or poker stores.

If you want to play poker with family and friends, be sure to purchase all the materials you need to play. You can buy cards and chips individually, but I would recommend that you save time and money by purchasing a kit. That way you will be sure you have everything you need and most likely save some money.

Poker sets can be bought in store or online at the web sites of many of the major retailers. Check Wal-Mart.com, Buy.com or Amazon.com for some of the best deals.